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Grid & Row Settings

There are 3 levels of grid settings

  1. For all pages (shown on my pages called Pages Globals Settings on to right side)
  2. For a specific page (show inside page editing on to right side button is called Grid)
  3. For a specific row (shown when hovering over a row on top left - settings wheel icon)

These are the following settings and what they mean. 

  1. Container Width is the inner container of the row. It is the centered content if you want the content to be full width set it to bee 100%
  2. Column Gutter is the space between columns
  3. Row Padding top and Bottom is the vertical space between rows
  4. Space between addons is the vertical margin between two addons in the same column 

In the row settings you will also find an option to set the background color of the ROW.